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The Non-Profits we Support

While our goal is to raise capital to start our own brick-and-mortar table-top gaming store, we don't want to wait until then to have an impact on the neurodivergent community. 

That's why we're starting by giving 10% of our profits to three organizations that we believe offer important help to neurodivergent people. As we grow we hope to give a larger percentage and add to the list of supported organizations. 

    •  The Autism Self Advocacy network (ASAN) - As far as non-profits that support autism ASAN is the gold standard. We're especially appreciative of their position on a few specific issues:
      • They believe that discussions about autistic people should include autistic people. 
      • They believe that people with autism thrive best when they're together with neurotypical people
      • They believe that autism isn't a disease to be cured, and needs to be viewed differntly than it is.

While no organization is perfect, we believe these are trying to do their best to accomplish their goals and are doing more than just raising awareness; they're actually making a positive impact for the neurodivergent community.

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