About Us

The Nerd Supply Co. LLC was founded by Will and Megan, a neurodivergent married couple in June of 2023 in Montgomery, AL.

Our mission is to create fun, humorous, shirts and accessories that celebrate nerdiness and neurodivergent(ND) people to foster healthy conversation and community between ND people and neurotypicals. (Wondering what Neurodivergence is? Check out our blog entry by tapping here)

As such 10% of profits are donated to the following organizations:

You can read more about each of these organizations and why we support them on our blog by tapping here. 

Our dream is to use the capital raised from selling t-shirts and accessories to open a brick-and mortar table-top game store that is family-friendly and welcoming to people of diverse neurotypes who live in the River Region (What we call this little part of south central Alabama.) 

Why are we doing this?

We're doing this because neurodivergent people - especially children - are more likely to experience social isolation and they're more vulnerable to addiction, as well as self harm and suicide. At the same time studies show that positive relationships are the greatest way to prevent addiction and suicide. And what better way to give people an opportunity to develop those healthy friendships than through gaming? 

We want to create a place that fosters that community for nerds and neurodivergent people so they can develop those meaningful relationships and enjoy their interests in a safe, family-friendly environment. We have many plans about how we can do just that when we get to launch our store, but for now we're focused on building an online community and raising the necessary funds for us to get off the ground. 

You can be part of helping us build this community! Pick out a few products and add them to your cart. Visit all our socials at the links at the bottom of this page and give us a follow, like, or share and tell your friends and family who want to help build a community for ND people.